K*G*S KWON Grand Slam 2
17 March 2020


The KWON Grand Slam tournament is an annual three part martial arts event for people of all ages, abilities, and styles, from any association, featuring a large selection of kickboxing and karate categories and divisions, and following the World Kickboxing and Karate Union rule set.

Open to any style, any country, and any association.

Hosted and promoted by Del Sampson, World President of Points for the World Kickboxing and Karate Union.

  • Points Fighting
  • Light Contact
  • Kick Light
  • Karate Kumite
  • Kata
  • Forms

Compete against other students to find the best in each category with categories suitable for novice, intermediate and advanced competitors.


Medals for all first, second and third place winners

Points awarded: 10 (1st), 8 (2nd), 6 (3rd), 4 (4th)

All other places receive 1 point

Ten bonus points awarded for participation in KGS3

Belts for all champions, medals for second and third place

INTRODUCING... K*G*S KWON GRAND SLAM U18’S JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS & SUMMERFEST coming to the Midlands on Sunday July 21st 2019. Come to Wolverhampton Racecourse for the first ever championship designed JUST FOR KIDS! Featuring categories from novice to advanced, mini tower trophies for all winners, free training sessions with WKU World Champions plus ALL-INCLUSIVE inflatables, prize giveaways, and games.


2020 TBC



K*G*S KWON Grand Slam 2
17 March 2020

Wolverhampton Racecourse
Dunstall Park
West Midlands

A truly unique and multipurpose venue in the heart of the Midlands, Wolverhampton Racecourse is one of Britains busiest racecourses and features 1500 free car parking spaces, 1400sq ft of indoor event space, 22 acres of parkland, an onsite hotel with restaurant and bar, plus a great city location that is in easy reach of motorways and train stations.

Visit the Wolverhampton Racecourse website at https://www.wolverhampton-racecourse.co.uk/

K*G*S KWON Grand Slam 2
17 March 2020




Doors open 9am

Registration for under 16’s ends 10am

Competition Stars 10.30am under 16’s

Adult registration 1.pm

Finish approximately 6pm



1st category £20 online

2nd category £15

Additional category £10

Spectator £5



1st category £25                                            

Additional £15

Spectators £10


‘K.G.S’ POINTS SYSTEM….10 POINTS = 1st place   8 POINTS = 2nd place

6 POINTS = 3RD  4 POINTS = 4rd Place

NEW FOR 2019...
We have a new Pre Registration procedure in place to give our customer quicker entry in to our events.. so please print of your receipt and bring with you to our events

We are also trying area allocations for categories so we can get you home quicker..

If there is Only 2 people in a category that fight will be 2 rounds.

If there is 3 People in a category there will be a round robin. (that's all people fight each other)

Please note in the event that there's only one competitor in a category they will be asked to move up a category etc….

ALL DRAWS WILL BE LIVE AT 10.30am at www.kwongrandslam.com but are subject to change … please do not come to registration to ask about you category etc.

BONUS POINTS… 10 Points will be awarded to every competitor that enter the final Kwon Grand Slam Series Event  Sunday 9th June 2019 No.3 this is to encourage everybody to turn up and compete keeping the series ‘live’ right down to the wire.


The Kwon Grand Slam will be introducing several changes in the 2019 series

Aimed at making the tournament fair to all.

All competitors must have a valid up to date martial arts licence and it must contain proof of grade, we want to STOP competitors from competing in divisions that they should not be in.

All fighters will be weighed at each event.

K.G.S wants a level playing field for all and feel that the novice divisions are

Being ‘manipulated’ this will not be allowed to happen in the future.

All competitor/fighters must fill in their club name on the entry form or on the Pre Reg form, can everybody from the same club fill their form in the same way  i.e.... if your club is known by it’s initials that’s how it should be filled in, this way fighters from the same club can be kept apart on the draw sheet.

KGS RULES…WKU Rules in general with some modifications. view at www.wkuworld.com click here

We use the standard sport martial arts rules and scoring system, however the KGS promoters want to encourage the flare and the skill back into the sport.

Can all referees and coaches make themselves familiar with the rules and the slight changes that we are using at the KGS…remember this is to make our sport more exciting and bring back the skill and make more entertaining for the spectator.

  2. DROP SWEEP’S ARE ALLOWED ( below the calf )
  3. SWEEP & FOLLOW UP will be two points
  4. SWEEP & LOSS OF BALANCE AND FOLLOW UP, will be two points
  5. FIGHTER ON FLOOR CAN BE SCORED ON, within 3 seconds, punch only

EXITS: 1st Exit – Verbal Warning 2nd Exit – Warning on board official 3rd Exit –  Minus 1 Point 4th Exit – Minus 1 point 5th Exit – Disqualified

If an attacking/advancing fighter is blitzing or making a forward attack & therefore ‘pressing’ the fight and it is his momentum that takes him off the area this is not deemed which means no exits no warnings shall be given.

As part of the KGS ‘fair play policy’ we will be using referees from VARIOUS ASSOCIATIONS… no abusive behaviour towards officials will be tolerated in any way.

And we actively encourage all referees to work together in an attempt to raise the standard of tournaments in England, there's is no politics and we welcome all clubs, associations!! etc.

We would like to have regular training days to bring new officials on board and also for current referees to keep their standards high.

Kwon Grand Slam Event management team...we welcome your support

GO TO REGISTRATION.......click here

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